Temple Texas Christians Take a Stand Against Gay Mafia in Public Library

Concerned Christian Citizens (CCC) of Temple, Texas, is taking a stand against an the gay mafia’s efforts to propagate books about homosexuality to children in its public library.

The controversy arose after the local library posted information and displayed books about homosexuality for children in June, which was designated by the American Library Association as “LGBT book month.” Joe Goodson, a pastor and Texas MassResistance* activist, criticized the initiative on his Facebook page, which began a discussion in the town about public library policy that promotes homosexuality and the false gender narrative to children.

One bulletin board decorated with rainbows read, “Be inspired: Celebrate pride month.” Informational sheets and LGBT-themed books divided by age group were displayed on a table near the children’s desk.

Last fall roughly 20 residents expressed their support or disapproval of the displays at a library board meeting. According to the Texas Tribune, the interim city manager, Brynn Myers, said the city is developing a “library display policy” that should be in place early this year. She said:

The content of the policy is expected to include guidelines for the display of material within the library and criteria to be considered when selecting or approving display themes and materials. The policy will also outline the approval process for displays within the library.

CCC launched a petition and presented it to the library board at its January 16, 2018, meeting. It requests that library and city officials not solely promote homosexuality to children. Part of the petition reads:

Whereas in patronizing our community’s public library, we expect a safe and friendly learning environment, and one that is not hostile to the values with which we are endeavoring to raise our children;

Whereas the Temple Public Library, by erecting a display in its children’s section this past summer that both encouraged the celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning lifestyles, and implicitly suggested to our children that to welcome and support such lifestyle choices (and thereby to subvert the moral standard of the Bible) is the morally right thing to do; Whereas we understand that it is the library’s position to hold a variety of informational resources;

however, our complaint is that the library’s display went beyond providing information to promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Goodson argued earlier this month that they aren’t objecting to books in the library. They are objecting to advocacy of a harmful lifestyle to children that uses taxpayer money. He said,

There are enough books in the library to offend anybody. We were not objecting to that. We were objecting to a display that is advocating for a lifestyle that is dangerous, immoral and undermining to the values of many of the families that frequent that section of the library.

If you’re going to put up a display that suggests to our kids that they need to support this lifestyle that goes against what we’re trying to teach them, why don’t you put up a display that gives the counter position of how to get out of this disruptive, confusing and immoral lifestyle.

MassResistance* published the book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which Goodson is expected to donate to the library.

Advocates of the library material and display argue that the books are just information. Parents can choose or choose not to read them to their children.
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