International Women’s Day Advocates: If You Really Care About Women Stop Supporting Islamic Migrants from Raping Them [videos]

On International Women’s Day today, women of Europe spoke out against their governments’ policies that are silencing female victims of rape. A new movement called 120 decibels or #120db is standing up to the hypocrisy of Germany that promotes freedom for illegal immigrants and Islamic migrants but not their own citizens.

These German women bravely tell their stories of surviving violence. They are standing up to Angela Merkel who doesn’t care about women’s rights because her government’s policies do not protect German women.

These women state:

I am not secure.

Break your silence and act today.

120 decibels is the volume of a standard pocket alarm that many women carry with them today. 120 decibels is the name of our outcry against imported violence. Join in and tell # 120db about your experiences with alienation, violence and abuse.


Here are the statistics on the Islamic rape culture of Germany. Germany is not far behind the rape capitol of Europe: Sweden. Islamic migrants raping Swedish women has contributed to a ten percent increase over the last year of rapes reported in Sweden. Even Democrats in Sweden are arguing that “rape is rooted in Islam.” And, anger is growing in Sweden after gang rapists continue to be acquitted, and rapes of toddlers takes months to even begin to be investigated.

120 decibels states on its website:

Last but not least, we want to make public the worries and fears of those who no longer feel safe on their way home from work or in the evening at the bus stop.

German women now carry devices in their bags when they are out in public– that make a noise that reaches 120 decibels. They explain:

[these] small devices that emit an audible alarm signal at the touch of a button, which attracts the attention of passers-by and should thus beat possible attackers to flight. Not least because of the events of recent years, these devices now find their place in many women’s handbags, because the fear has become a constant companion in exclusive walks through the city center. Just like the device, we want to sound the alarm, in the face of a failed policy!

They also point out who the abusers are and who the victims are: black Islamic migrants are attacking white German women.

A look at the police crime statistics of 2016 shows not only that the crime with the rising immigration from Islamic countries is increasing, but also immigrants from certain countries above average often commit certain crimes. Thus, Algerians are 21.4 times more often identified as suspects in sexual offenses as Germans. It is true that the absolute number of rape by Germans is higher than that of migrants – but you do not have to be a calculating genius to recognize that an increasing number of migrants is accompanied by an increasing number of women victims. That’s the tendency that wants to denounce 120dB.

Help support 120db and speak out in support of women on a day when hypocrisy can be overcome by truth.

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