Ted Cruz Tweet on Bogus Brooklyn Barbecue Sums up Thousands of Replies from Barbecue Belt

Republican Senator Ted Cruz perfectly summed up the Texas, and the entire south’s, response to a Vice Munchies article suggesting that barbecue in Brooklyn, New York, “is taking over the world.” Cruz tweeted, “Bless your hearts.” As did the mayor of Memphis. As did nearly every southern newspaper, including the Dallas Morning News. In the south this it not a compliment.

It was the classic Texas, and southern response: polite, yet sarcastic, implying the recipient just doesn’t know better.

The Commercial Appeal pointed out that Vice’s Munchies actually recycled an old story. The Brooklyn barbecue story was from 2014– and Munchies changed the date to repost it for an unknown reason this past weekend. 

Within one day the tweet received over 10,000 responses from the barbecue belt of the south.

The Houston Chronicle wrote,

If a plate of barbecue was ever fated for world domination, it certainly wouldn’t be with the plate of food Vice’s Munchies tweeted … accompanied with a photo of  barbecue so sad looking that Texas pit masters would be embarrassed to serve it to their customers.

Adding that the photo of a very small pile of brisket on a pathetically bare tray accompanied by pickles, two rolls and a dark beer was missing something. It notes,

Sauce, spices, sides and at least two other meat options are missing from the meal, making it one of the saddest looking photos to ever be associated with barbecue.

Most in the south have never been to Brooklyn, New York, and cannot appreciate the city’s incredibly diverse and accessible cuisine. But the concept of Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world has rightly caused a stir in the South.

The Dallas Morning News wrote, “… every Texan knows better than to step foot into a barbecue restaurant anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s not that the food is bad, it’s just not real barbecue.”

A Louisiana editor compared eating Brooklyn barbecue to eating fresh seafood in Kansas. It just doesn’t happen.

The Commercial Appeal wrote, “Memphis and the rest of the BBQ world say you gotta be kidding.” It’s not even funny, it’s a crime:

The mayor of Memphis also had the same response as Cruz:

There were some classic responses on Twitter, including replies from honest New Yorkers:


For the record, however, I maintain that the best cheeseburger in America is in Brooklyn, New York, at two eateries: Mooburger and Bareburger. And, Brooklyn barbecue is not very good, at all.

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