Bushes Hug Corrupt Clintons, Ignore Russian Collusion and Endless Crimes [video]

The first thought that came to mind of G.W. Bush hugging Hillary Clinton for a photo-op at his mother’s funeral was– how on earth could this man hug a known criminal who is guilty of treason and is continuing to obstruct justice? How could he as a professing believer hug and be buddy-buddies with her husband, Bill Clinton, who has been accused of raping numerous women, continues to be a womanizer, and is linked to numerous unsolved murders? (And who is the woman in the background? One of Bill Clinton’s prostitutes? Who dresses like that to a funeral of a First Lady?)

Are the Bushes colluding with the Clintons?

Don’t the Bushes care about Hillary Clinton illegally selling and profiting from U.S. uranium? Were the Bushes involved with Clinton corruption and Russian Uranium One collusion? Or do they just not care?

Were the Bushes involved in the Clinton Foundation RICO violations? RICO violations include multiple felonies committed by the Clinton Foundation.

Are the Bushes working with the Clintons to continue to propagate false news about Trump?

Did the Bushes help set the stage for the Clinton-Obama-CIA fiasco in Benghazi?

How can the Bushes be such close friends with criminals? And, what about Haiti?

People need to read Donna Brazile’s book.

But then again, “What difference does it make?”


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