Conservatives Leaning Towards Jordan, Scalise for House Speaker

A new GOPUSA survey of conservatives puts Congressmen Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise as the leading candidates to replace outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan’s pick, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, received only 7.2 percent support.

The survey was conducted among 455 people who chose Jordan as the top choice with 27.3 percent. Scalise came in as a close second with 24.9 percent. Rep. Devin Nunes received 13.9 percent, and Rep. Louie Gohmert, 12.2 percent.

Ryan said in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press,

We all think Kevin is the right person to become speaker. I fully anticipate handing the gavel over to the next speaker of the House after this term, and I think Kevin’s the right guy to step up.

Ryan added that he believed there would be a “seamless transition” from him to the next speaker.

“I think what we want to do is focus on getting our jobs done, what we want to do is focus on executing our agenda, focus on fighting for our majority, and all these other things would be needless distractions from the task at hand,” Ryan said.

Despite mainstream media arguing that Democrats will win big in the upcoming mid-term elections, the GOPUSA survey found that respondents disagree. An overwhelmingly majority believe Republicans will keep control of both chambers of Congress. Among respondents 62.7 percent answered that it is “likely or very likely” that Republicans will keep their majority in both the House and Senate.

Survey Team members were asked to name the biggest obstacle that President Trump faces in advancing his agenda. The number one answer (33.3%) was “deep state bureaucrats.” Second was “Democrats in Congress” (22.8%); third was “the media” (13.4%).

Respondents also expressed nearly unanimous support for Trump’s border wall (95.2%) and to implement limits on legal immigration (95.6%). The majority answered that they “felt strongly” (88.6%) that “qualified public school teachers should be allowed to be armed in order to help prevent mass shootings.”

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