Cruz, Huckabee call out delusional Brits fawning over royal baby, ignoring NHS criminally starving baby to death

In what could not be a more delusional reality of British society fawning over an overprivileged newborn who will never have to work and is automatically worth billions of dollars, the international media and bookies are going crazy over the third child born to British globalists Prince William and Kate Middleton, while ignoring the criminal act of the National Health Service denying parents access to provide care for their child.

Alfie Evans, 23-months old, is being starved to death by the National Health Service. And the British government is refusing the parents access to take their child to Italy where he has been offered treatment. The court is barring the parents from leaving the country. Police are are guarding the hospital so that the parents cannot take their son home or to another facility. Why? Because the NHS says the boy should “die with dignity.”

The U.K. is not a democracy. There is no freedom of speech, no First Amendment, no Fourteenth Amendment to protect parental rights. The bureaucrats of the NHS are condemning a child to death while the rest of England is delusional, going crazy over a royal baby.

Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted about this irony after the royal baby was born:

Thankfully, Americans no longer have a monarchy and do not waste billions of dollars on figureheads who spend more money on clothes than its citizens will ever earn in a lifetime. While the international media was going gaga over the birth of the royal baby, more Brits were lining up at food banks than ever before.

Alfie Evans, 23-months old, has been in the hospital for months fighting a serious illness. When he contracted an infection he required a ventilator. NHS took him off of the ventilator on Monday. Despite this, he is still breathing with the help of his parents giving him mouth-to-mouth.

Alfie continues to breathe and parents applied for a court order to allow them to leave the country to seek experimental treatment– which was denied.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz called on the British government to let Alfie’s parents take him to Italy where he has been offered citizenship and treatment; to “grant the Evans family’s request to treat their precious child in Italy.”

“It is a sad irony that while the people of the UK are busy celebrating a royal birth, its government is brushing off a commoner’s right to life,” both Huckabee and Cruz stated publicly and separately.

Both Huckabee and Cruz pointed out the case of Alfie is exactly why the U.S. will never have socialized medicine. But worse still is a government that will not allow its own citizens to leave a hospital.

Alfie Evans is reason enough to boycott everything related to the British Monarchy, especially any of its “white-privileged” royal babies.

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