Louisiana teens can teach the NFL on bending a knee

These young men exemplify how all teenagers should behave. While playing a game of pickup basketball in Franklinton, Louisiana, they saw a funeral procession drive by and they stopped and bent a knee. Their behavior can teach NFL protesters the real purpose of bending the knee.

Johannah Stroud was across from the boys and took a picture as it happened. She told the local news,  “It was really impressive, Stroud said. It meant a lot.”

Her sister shared the picture on Facebook, and the post has received over 3,000 shares.


The comments are endless and thousands are embracing the boys’ spirit of love in action and respect for whoever was in the funeral procession.

One person commented, “good to see young men can still show respect in this world.”

Another: “brought them to tears… Saying they have a new faith in humanity.”

The young men also reached out to the family to express condolences for their loss. They told them that it was their basketball coach who taught them the importance of taking a knee as a sign of respect.

Stroud told the local news that their act of kindness reminds others that the biggest impact can often start with the smallest of gestures.

“We don’t have to do great acts to show kindness, something simple as that or opening a door or being kind to someone, or respectful but it means a lot.”

Black Lives Matter could also learn a lot from these boys. As could the NFL.

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