Get Rid of GOP Congressmen petitioning FOR DACA

There is a “pro-Dreamer” GOP rebellion underway in Congress. More than 20 Republicans have signed a petition to force the House to vote on legal protections for illegal immigrants under Barack Obama’s DACA program.

House Speaker Paul Ryan plead with Republicans not to sign, saying it undercut Republican control. He told reporters: “We think they’re a big mistake. They dis-unify our majority.” Both he and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with President Trump to figure out how to thwart the GOP revolt.

Ryan has characterized the petition as doomed to fail and the president is likely to veto any bill that the GOP rebels propose. Ryan said:

“We don’t want to advance something that we know won’t become law, and just get vetoed, even if it made it to the president’s desk. We want to advance something that has a chance of going into law, where the president would support it.”

The petition drive, officially called the “discharge petition,” provides a way for the House to force bills onto the floor over the objection of the majority party’s leaders.

The petition was launched May 9 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, Florida Republican.

The petition would require a debate on the bill over four different immigration bills, one of which is considered a “cleaner” Dream Act, which would grant citizenship rights to millions of illegal aliens, provide no border security, or require any immigration enforcement changes. Another bill would grant citizenship in exchange for a study of border security.

Why are these Congressmen Republicans? They should switch to being Democrats.

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