HAH!: Comey refuses to testify to Congress, Grassley says McCabe pleads Fifth Amendment

This is what guilty people do. They avoid being held accountable and they take the Fifth. Except these are some at the highest levels of law enforcement in America.

Fired FBI Director James Comey refused to appear before Congress on Monday to talk about the evidence presented against him in the 500-page Inspector General report, his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton illegal email and national security breach investigation.

His fired deputy, Andrew McCabe, took the Fifth Amendment, attempting to protect himself from self-incrimination.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch also refused to attend the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Sen. Grassley who addressed the numerous scandals outlined in the IG’s report.

Mr. Comey’s lawyer allegedly lied to the committee by claiming that Comey was out of the country. But Senator Grassley said that he saw Comey in his home state of Iowa over the weekend. Grassley said:

“He has time for book tours and television interview, but apparently no time to assist this committee.”

Another Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, prevented Grassley from subpoenaing the three democrats from testifying, according to committee rules.

Mr. McCabe was fired for leaking information to the media, but maintains that Comey knew he was doing so, which Comey denies.

During the hearing with the IG and current FBI Director Christopher Wray, Sen. Ted Cruz wanted to know who was lying. He said: 

“One or the other is not telling the truth. I don’t know which one.”

He didn’t get an answer.

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