APPEL: Respecting The Office Of The President, And Other Offices We Elect People To Fill

Maybe I am just too conservative for our times but as I watch the news I get really aggravated when the talking heads, each trying to outdo the other in insulting him, call our president “Trump.” He is President Trump, he is the leader of our nation and the very symbol of our great Republic. One doesn’t have to like him to honor the office or the country.

I get it that they think it’s cool to dishonor the President. I get it they think it’s cool to kneel during the national anthem. I get it they think it’s cool to vandalize memorials and tear down statues placed but generations gone by.

What do I think? I think that these malcontents lack the intelligence to have a meaningful conversation so they have to resort to cowardly and disgraceful tactics. I think that I am fortunate to live in a nation where the vast majority of our people honor our institutions, honor our leaders, and honor our history. That is what I think.

This is of a piece, by the way, with the unhinged reaction by some – including ESPN’s Max Kellerman – to Tiger Woods’ admission that he’s been on friendly terms with President Trump since long before he ran for the office he now holds, and to Woods’ admonition that we respect the office.

On a bit different topic, all crime including the violation of the public trust is a matter of free will. No one forces a person to kill, no one forces a person to rob, and no one forces an elected official to violate their oath and their position of trust by engaging in corrupt practices.

I have no sympathy for any politician that chooses to engage in corrupt activities. From my perspective they do long term harm to our people, the people that they promised to serve and protect. They do so freely and as such they should forfeit the opportunity to be elected to such a position of honor.

This fall the voters will have their say on a constitutional amendment I sponsored in the Legislature which would impose a five-year waiting period on convicted criminals who have served their sentences running for public office.

I’m hoping the amendment will pass. But again, maybe I’m just too conservative for our times.

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