Oh Yes, It’s Very Shocking That Louisiana Has The Nation’s Highest Prison Mortality Rate

Here’s the latest example of left-wing bedwetting about prisons in Louisiana, something we’re going to hear ad nauseam for the next four to eight years or probably longer in the wake of Gov. Jeff Landry’s criminal justice agenda passing in a special session in March.

Did you know that at 42.7 deaths per 100,000 people in the general population, Louisiana’s prison mortality rate, which is a measure of how many people die in jail, is the highest in America?

Yes, it’s true. And gosh, what a scandal!

A new study showed that Louisiana ranked as the top state in the United States with the highest prison mortality rate.

In a study from Connecticut Trial Firm, personal injury lawyers used data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to discover which U.S. states had the highest prison mortality rates, according to a news release.

The number of deaths that took place in prisons between 2001-2019 in each state was “scaled against 100,000 people in each state’s population,” according to a news release.

“Monitoring prison mortality rates is crucial for upholding human rights standards,” said Ryan Keen from Connecticut Trial Firm. “Examining patterns and causes of prison deaths enables authorities to implement preventive measures.”

“Whether it involves addressing mental health issues, improving sanitation, or enhancing safety protocols, understanding the root causes of mortality allows for targeted interventions to mitigate risks and save lives,” said Keen.

So this is an ambulance-chasing law firm out of Hartford which put on a PR stunt of a “study” with only two parameters – prison deaths and state population.

They didn’t even factor in prison population, which is a whole lot more accurate denominator for such a study and would actually say something meaningful about prison conditions in these various places.

Prison population matters, you know.

If you have a state with a lot of criminals, which Louisiana does, and those criminals kill a lot of people, which unfortunately ours do, seeing as though Louisiana consistently has the highest murder rate in the country and has had that disgraceful designation for decades, then there are a couple of very obvious conclusions to be had.

The first one is that those murderers are going to get long prison sentences. The second one is that murderers with long prison sentences are quite likely to end up dying in prison before they can get out.

According to the study the number one killer of prisoners in Louisiana was heart disease. In other words, a natural cause.


We’re supposed to believe this is evidence that Louisiana is cruel to its prisoners. I’m not even going to say Louisiana is nice to the violent criminals who populate places like Angola State Penitentiary. We shouldn’t be, you know, because an awful lot of them are monsters who present a danger to everyone around them.

But this?

NBC33 in Baton Rouge picked up this story and ran with it like it was actual news.

Adjusted for prison population, prison mortality in Louisiana isn’t remarkable at all. It’s a nothing.

We’ve already remarked that the Left likes prisoners better than the law-abiding. This seems to be just a little more proof of that.



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