Nooner Advertising

The Hayride publishes The Nooner, a daily e-mail blast containing highlights and links to our most up-to-date web content, to a highy-qualified, localized list of more than 35,000 subscribers.

The Nooner is published through Constant Contact, insuring the quality of the list and its consensual, “opt-in” nature.

The Nooner list is one of the most desirable marketing databases in Louisiana, as its demographic quality and high-intensity readership offer tremendously competitive returns for advertisers.

Advertising space on the Nooner consists of two 600×100 banners, with the following rates available…






Demographics of the Nooner list include…

  • 81 percent reside in Louisiana (38 percent in the Baton Rouge area, 17 percent in the New Orleans area)
  • 72.6 percent male
  • 70 percent age 50 and older
  • 52 percent household income over $100,000 per year
  • 74 percent college graduates (30 percent graduate degree)
  • 57 percent business owners or executives
  • 50 percent describe as Very Conservative, 39 percent Moderate To Conservative

Complete demographic survey results (February 2012) here.


Hayride/Nooner sponsored e-mails are available, though limited to one weekly avail (specific weekdays may be selected to advertiser’s preference).

Reach 25,000 people who have opted-in to read your message that highlights your surveys, action items, and exclusive opportunities. The email contains only your message allowing you to directly target those individuals who are most interested in your product or service and receive near-instant response.

Total List Quantity: 25,000
Price per Thousand:
Single Blast: $50.00 (full list exclusive)
3-Time Blast: $35.00 (full list exclusive)
5-Time Blast: $25.00 (full list exclusive)
Minimum Order: full list
HTML Setup: $150 Flat

For more information, call (225) 317-6300 or e-mail to [email protected].