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Because it would be conspicuous not to reference it, there is the Mandie Landry disaster on Twitter...  


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29/09/2020 12:32 am  

...which began with this:

Landry, who is the Legislature's own Face Mask Barbie, went on to post inanity after inanity bitching about white women and one white woman in particular - the one from Metairie who's about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court - and brought on the wrath of thousands of people who alternatively told her to shut her idiotic mouth and/or trolled her without mercy.

Like, for example, what Christopher Scalia, the son of the famous former Supreme Court justice, laid on her...

This isn't Landry's first rodeo. It's a never-ending clownshow where Mandie Landry is concerned. Her district will almost certainly be redrawn to insure she won't be back for another term - the Democrats in the Legislature want to get rid of her just as much as the Republicans do.

We actually like her just fine. She does more to stink up the Democrats' brand than Barbara Norton and Pat Smith ever could.