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Defund the police, but fund a $7B subway system? That's Austin for ya ...  


Andy Hogue
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05/08/2020 11:32 am  

>>It was a long time coming, but last week made it official:

>>The City of Austin will move forward with renewed plans to build a downtown subway tunnel, three additional light rail lines to Austin's airport and other locations including expansion of the city's existing Red Line, and a host of other, smaller projects.

>>More than three-quarters of the cost of Project Connect -- a whopping -- $7 billion -- will go to the rail lines, which are the prominent selling point of a recent campaign video pushing a referendum on the plan to appear on the November ballot.


There have been many projections of how this could possibly affect the taxpayer, but 1) city revenue estimates and the tax base may change significantly between now and if/when the referendum goes into effect, and 2) there seems to be some disagreement on the details of the plan, and the ballot wording is not yet drafted. 

We're in close contact with the opposition PAC and we'll have more on this boondoggle as the picture becomes clearer. This story is of interest to non-Austin/non-Texas readers because if a proposal like this can go down in flames during a presidential election year in a liberal-leaning town energized by progressive antics, then that bodes well for the health of conservatism. It may even provide ammo for conservative challengers on the November ballot.