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"Evangelical Left" myth shattered as Mr. "God's Politics" steps aside, DNC removes "Under God" from pledges ...  


Andy Hogue
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21/08/2020 12:39 pm  

From today's article:

Now that wokeness and "intersectionality" has asserted itself with religious-like fervor -- having established its own list of sins that must be eradicated at all costs -- [Jim] Wallis's pandering is no longer acceptable. He is moderate on abortion and does not favor divesting from companies that do business with the state of Israel, for starters.

Wallis, 72, (maybe it's time to retire, and this made for a convenient reason) represents and older stream of liberalism. Having previously been a member of the socialist Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s, Wallis's liberalism is one of moral relativism, non-interventionism (Wallis is a pacifist), and the expansion of the welfare state.

Today's progressives have ditched relativism for their own set of moral absolutes -- anti-racism, #metoo feminism, and "climate justice" among them, and even seem to favor war with Russia at times. Deviance from these "woke" values is intolerable, but complacency has now become a sin of omission (e.g. the movement's shift from racial justice to "anti-racism" -- simply being morally opposed to discrimination is no longer enough, and action is demanded).

Comparing the current state of the American left to an emerging new religion is nothing new. Wallis's departure as editor after nearly half a century, however, may be the final nail in that cross.


A few takeaway's from recent revelations:

1) Jim Wallis created his own monster that removed any semblance of Christianity from his own shop, replacing it with a weird new religion of wokeness and intersectionality.

2) Jim was not Evangelical at all, but married to a Church of England priest (Mainline, not Evangelical) and grew up in a Plymouth Brethren (Pietist, not Evangelical, though it can lean that way at times).

3) The staff seems to be not Evangelical, either, with the new editor-in-chief being a Mennonite (peacenik pacifist Pietism) and one of the departing web editors being a proud Dalit with no mention of her Christian faith anywhere on the web that I could find.

Bottom-line: Evangelicals and conservative Catholics no longer need to feel bad about "excluding" Democrats from their orthodoxy because the Evangelical Left is mostly a myth, and where it exists at all is soon being replaced by a new religion of wokeness.