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Fallon enters Texas Congressional race; Democrats lick chops  


Andy Hogue
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11/08/2020 2:22 pm  

From Quorum Report [with some translations from liberal-ese to plain English from yours truly in brackets]:

>>After Sen. Pat Fallon’s impressive though not unexpected victory this weekend in the insider’s race to be the GOP nominee for Congressional District 4 [translation: Republican precinct chairs of the North Texas Congressional District voted for who would fill the vacancy on the November ballot] – being vacated by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe – rumors are flying and announcements are expected quickly in the coming race to succeed him in the Texas Senate.

If the early buzz is any indication, it’ll perhaps be more of a rural versus suburban fight than a “conservative versus moderate” one. [Rural Senate Districts are often shared between two or three sparsely separated urban or suburban areas, leaving those in the heart of these districts feeling outflanked. But in this case, the Democrat is from Sherman, a semi-rural community on the northeast end of the district on the Red River, a stone's skip away from Oklahoma, and Fallon is from Prosper, recently a farming community but now a new suburban extension of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro-mess located more centrally population-wise. The western portion of the district will likely go without a rep, but there are some chances that now-Rep. Drew Springer of Muenster (slightly on the west end) could step things up.]

[Lou Antonelli is the Libertarian nominee for CD 4, and there's also Democrat Russell Foster, both of whom stand about an equal chance -- rural and urban divides notwithstanding.] 

But there are other fault lines developing and there’s some chatter about whether House members considering a promotion could put the GOP House majority at risk when it comes time to vote for a new speaker. [Read: Democrats are hoping farm subsidies and public school support will cause rural Rs to vote for a more moderate Speaker in January.]

[Texas Democrats are nothing if not eternal optimists.]

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