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The George Floyd body-cam video is out...  


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03/08/2020 5:01 pm  

...and while it's being talked about as some sort of validation of the riots in his name, I really don't see that at all.

What I see is what the toxicology report said - Floyd was high as a kite and not making any sense. The cops did everything they could to put him in the back seat of the SUV and he fought them the whole way.

Sure, kneeling on his neck was a bad move that justifiably got Derek Chauvin fired. But the main impression I get watching that video is why on earth would anybody want to be a cop and have to deal with whacked-out low-lifes like George Floyd, who knew that this was going to be it for him.

It's a common refrain with these police shootings that the suspects who get shot know, regardless of how high they were, that this arrest will be the one which puts them in jail for a long stretch. So they fight against being arrested, and something even worse happens.

You can tell that with Floyd, who's incoherently begging not to be arrested when he's got a warrant out for him for counterfeiting. All he had to do was get in the SUV and call the lawyer at the police station and, in all likelihood, while he might have received a prison sentence it was likely going to be suspended because of the COVID epidemic. But he was too high to think that through and he agitated the cops, and half our major cities have erupted in riots as a result.

Not exactly a police recruitment video.

Andy Hogue
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05/08/2020 11:38 am  

Perry Floyd had chronic problems haunting him throughout his life. It's a shame, but like the old saying goes: it takes two to tango.