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Trump overreaches on TikTok, a little...  


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05/08/2020 8:33 am  

Trump Says U.S. Should Get Slice of TikTok Sale Price - WSJ

Saying that the Treasury Department should get a slice of the sale of TikTok to Microsoft is over the top and a bad idea, but as I said earlier this morning when I was on the radio with Dan Proft in Chicago (the audio of which I'll post when they send me the link later), the overall reaction to TikTok by the government is spot on.
People think this app is just a cute little thing where kids can record themselves dancing and so forth. Except it's loaded with spyware and it's a great data mining tool for the Chinese Communist Party.
But what I said on Proft's show this morning is the danger of TikTok isn't just the spyware piece - it's giving a hostile foreign government which is busy running influence operations and aggressively propagandizing the American people against our own values a channel into the impressionable minds of our teenagers and younger kids.
We already have a problem with those kids getting ideas foreign to those of our founding pushed on them, so much so that half of them think America is some racist, unjust country. That isn't to say the ChiComs are responsible for it; the American Left in academia and pop culture hardly needs help pushing its cultural Marxist agenda into impressionable minds.
But it is to say that it's in our national interest to close that channel. Better that Microsoft owns TikTok than the CCP. And while Trump's idea of a finder's fee isn't a good one, he does deserve credit for stepping in and separating TikTok from the Chinese communists, at least where it comes to America's kids.

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05/08/2020 11:36 am  

The businessman in him will die hard, if at all.