Part Six: Political Correctness

Political correctness is a construct of the Left which should never have been accepted by conservatives. Now is the time to have the courage to reject it.

Political correctness and its subset of multiculturalism are nothing more than a tyrannical reduction of the individual freedom of speech by surreptitious means, and our adherence to its dictates has robbed us of the ability to speak frankly and honestly.

We are afraid of being racist and as such we fail to point out that all of the problems in the black community stem from the fact that in far too many instances it has allowed its women to become whores, its men to abandon their responsibility as fathers, its adults to behave as children on welfare and in prison and its culture to glorify and normalize social pathology.

This is not a racial commentary; we are talking about a set of behaviors and not an ethnic heritage by any measure. That set of behaviors constitutes a CULTURE, not an athnicity. As we have seen in the overall American community, a culture can be changed – and the culture of the black community must change if Americans of that ethnicity who identify themselves with that culture are to prosper.

The black community is totally overrepresented in athletics and the arts, among other industries; clearly it is nonsense to suggest blacks are without talent. That it is taboo to talk about underperformance in that community on the basis of behavior and accountability denies us the ability to honestly address social problems.

And when Eric Holder, whose position alone gives the lie to the myth of institutional American racism, pokes the majority in the eye with the accusation of cowardice with respect to race it’s time that battle was joined.

This ties in with Part Two of the Rules Of The Ride in that conservatives should actively seek to offend those people who function only as a member of a special-interest group and not as individual; in more tactical terms the fact is that the “black community” votes 94 percent in favor of Democratic candidates and is only 13 percent of the population and there are probably more votes to be had challenging that community as an underachieving failure than by attempting to pander to them in more grandiose fashion than the Left does. Because in all communities there are those who are alienated; the GOP’s approach to African-Americans doesn’t appeal to those members of that community who despise what it stands for.

The example of the black community is hardly the only one. Conservatives must build reputations for telling the truth regardless of how painful or unsettling it may be; our country has fallen into disrepair on a number of fronts largely as a result of lies and cowardice on the part of our public officials. The tyranny of political correctness has been one of the greatest weapons in combatting the truth the Left has developed over the past 50 years; continuing to play by their rules is suicidal, particularly at a time when the American people recognize that the status quo is no longer acceptable.