The Brennan’s Beatdown – A Photo From The Scene

bautsch-brown-post-attack The photo at left was just posted on Gov. Jindal’s Facebook page a couple of hours ago by someone named Jack A. Neal, who wrote a wall post saying:

Hi folks. I was in New Orleans this past Friday night. I was dining within a half block of where the incident involving Allee Butsch (sic) happened. I joined this group so that I might share the info, as well as a photo I took. More to come…

It’s a pretty clear picture and if nothing else it’s worth complimenting Mr. Neal on his camera. It also appears that the shot does, in fact, show Joe Brown and Allee Bautsch. By comparison, here they are in normal circumstances:


We’re royally creeped out by all this, so we’ll leave it to the reader to draw conclusions. But it looks like Brown may have landed a punch or two given his scratched-up right hand. It also looks like he took a pretty hard shot to the right side of his head; he’s got a red stripe starting at his ear and going all the way to his cheek. Meanwhile, the look on Bautsch’s face is pretty harrowing.

Draw your own conclusions. But its sounds like Mr. Neal has something to say about what he saw on Friday night.