The Brennan’s Beatdown – Follow-Ups And New Video

Jack A. Neal has posted a follow-up on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s facebook page:

I was in New Orleans this past weekend. I ventured out into the French Quarter Friday evening (4/9/2010 ), and had dined at the Royal House Oyster Bar, on Royal Street. Of course, the sound of sirens and clamor is hardly unusual in the French Quarter. I generally have my camera with me wherever I go, and that night was no exception. Obviously, New Orleans after-dark can be a photographer’s smorgasbord.

I heard sirens immediately prior to leaving the establishment, and saw New Orleans police officers running towards an area located within a block adjacent to the oyster bar. I followed, and managed to grab one photo of the pair being attended to by a police officer before that police officer politely (no sarcasm intended ) asked me to move on. He explained that he was “trying to get this lady some medical attention”, and that he didn’t need to deal with a photographer at the moment. As I said, the officer was polite, and appropriately professionally attentive, so I moved on.

As relates to this matter, I have no political agenda. I can’t say with certainty even that this is the same couple or incident, but I strongly suspect it. The photo may not be particularly revelatory, but rather, simply illustrative. As you will see from the photo, there don’t appear to be any Palin pins evident. Of course, that hardly diminishes the brutality of the event, nor the hypocrisy of the MSM. I think it’s safe to assume there would have been a rush to judgment were the circumstances different.

Also, here’s a video that hasn’t been taken down. It shows the protestors walking from their spot outside the Hilton on the way to Brennan’s…