The Brennan’s Beatdown – Official Denials

Wow. At 7:15 tonight, the Baton Rouge Advocate has weighed in with a piece that gives us…no further information.

Other than this, that is:

“While there were protestors around at that time, we are not aware of any evidence that the individuals involved in the altercation were protestors,” Plotkin said in a statement.

Now, I’m not trying to take a shot at Kyle Plotkin. He is without question under orders to smother this story as best he can, but come on. New Orleans is bidding on getting the Republican Convention in 2012, which would be a big feather in his boss’ cap, and given the fact that a full deployment of New Orleans Police in the immediate area couldn’t stop eight people from being shot on a downtown street Saturday night, the last thing the city and state want is to have security being called into question. Random street crime is one thing; the inability to provide security for a $10,000 a plate fundraiser at which three governors are in attendance is a good bit worse.

Let’s also remember that Brennan’s is at 417 Royal Street in the French Quarter. There is a police station at 334 Royal Street, literally less than a block away. NOBODY gets mugged in front of a police station, not even in New Orleans, and not with a big crowd of people standing around – unless the assailant is with those people.

We haven’t confirmed yet what everybody believes is true despite the unwillingness of the governor’s staff to cop to it. We’re still working on that.