We Can’t Say This Is Why Liz Birnbaum Got Fired, But…

…she doesn’t come off all that well as somebody qualified to run a government agency…

More under the fold.

We find out the MMS inspectors are unionized. We also find out that the inspection teams are set up in twos so that there is cross-checking going on. And we find out also that the inspection team which was last out to the Deepwater Horizon was a father-and-son pair.

“It gives rise to questions,” Birnbaum said.

Call us crazy, but we’re thinking that when this came out yesterday, the Obama administration realized they had to chop off somebody’s head in order to beat the media stampede that would inevitably come as a result of public knowledge that the MMS was sending a unionized father-and-son pair out to rigs to cross-check each other and supervise company-performed testing on a rig which as it turned out had faulty equipment and killed 11 people on the way to spilling 20-30 million gallons of oil into the north-central Gulf of Mexico.

Because some people might see this as kind of a big deal.



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