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STEVEN CROWDER: On Marijuana Legalization

STEVEN CROWDER: On Marijuana Legalization
November 27
15:39 2012

Since this is all the rage now, and since we’re being told that the kids won’t vote Republican unless we legalize weed, Crowder thought he’d examine the chief premise behind the argument the pro-weed crowd is making.

Namely, that weed is harmless.

He doesn’t quite come to the same conclusion…

From my personal perspective, I can attest to the truth of Crowder’s take. Because I went to school at a place where all the kids had enough spare cash to get weed any time they wanted, and the majority of the kids in my class by freshman or sophomore year in high school were smoking dope.

I had a connection who hooked me up with an ability to go to bars when I was underage, and New Orleans has some of the best bars in the country. That should have made me the coolest guy in my class. But because I thought a rum and coke or a pitcher of Natural Light was the pinnacle of teenage substance abuse achievement, I was a square.

And most of those kids who smoked weed in high school ended up exactly where you’d expect the high school dopeheads to end up. Which is nowhere.

Are there productive people who smoke weed? Yes. Is it more difficult to be a productive person if you’re a habitual dope smoker than if your vice of choice is booze or if you’re boring and sober? That’s beyond argument.

As Crowder says, it might be worth arguing on a constitutional basis that weed ought to be legalized. Frankly, much of that constitutional argument I agree with.

But as a matter of policy, you won’t save any money or resources by decriminalizing marijuana. You’ll just be redirecting those resources – instead of spending them on cops and lawyers and judges, you’ll be spending them on food stamps and free healthcare for people who make a legal choice to burn their lives up in a cloud of smoking hemp.

Now – if we commit as a country to flush the welfare state and send a message to our people that you’re free to do whatever you want so long as you realize the government isn’t giving you a handout if your choices ruin your life, then maybe we might have something. The Left is such a huge fan of Charles Darwin when it comes to how we got here, but they sure don’t think his theories have anything to do with human society, huh?

Otherwise, though, it seems like a pretty lousy idea for Republicans to endorse a policy of wider availability for a substance that creates more Democrats. It’s the same bad political and cultural path as surrender on immigration is; there’s a reason the Democrats want to register every illegal immigrant from Third World bungholes they can find, and it’s not that they come from cultures which revere Calvin Coolidge.

Dopeheads don’t tend to be Reaganites either. They tend to be exactly like the imbecile who tells Crowder he “looks Jewish” on the video.

Do we really need more dunces like that? How smart an idea is it to make more of them through public policy?

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  1. James Savik
    James Savik November 27, 21:55

    When it comes to drugs, it is ridiculous to compare pot with crack, acid, crystal or even alcohol. It is a nuisance. It's not causing the human destruction that the heavyweight drugs are.
    It is time to do something different. The drug war as we have been fighting it for years is a lost cause. An expensive, wasteful lost cause that is costing more than its worth.
    It is time to legalize or at least decriminalize pot and step up the war on the drugs that are causing great harm.

  2. Christopher Holton
    Christopher Holton November 27, 22:27

    Excellent post.

  3. Kermit Hoffpauir
    Kermit Hoffpauir November 27, 23:00

    Ron Paul, Constitution, Ron Paul, I win the debate.

  4. Deryl Bryant
    Deryl Bryant November 28, 21:31

    Pitifully sophomoric…better presented as a possible script for Saturday Night Live.
    Surely no one takes this as honest or professional journalism.

    In the entire video there was only ONE professional source that only dealt with a very limited aspect of the debate.

    Then of course there were the “too many to count” opinions given as fact, several points best described as pure misinformation, and outright incorrect statements.

    This "post" is hardly worthy of the Hayride and likely best serves to promote the painful stereotypes Louisiana has long suffered throughout the country. With more people in prisons, per capita, than any other place in the entire world, perhaps a more serious discussion on this issue would better serve the public.

    Even more painful is the suggestion that a youtube video (more SNL material) qualifies as a mature and rational contribution to a serious and national topic. These insults directed at Dr. Paul and his supporters are outrageous at best, and better describe the unperceivable depth of the contributors.

    Then there is the immediate attack one suffers for defending the Constitution….how unfortunate that those so ready to claim to be "conservatives" are so ready to support suspending that glorious document to basically defend nothing more than their own opinion.

    The failed, so-called "War on Drugs" has costs HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars, has created some of the most vicious terrorists (aka drug cartels; both foreign and domestic) on the face of the planet, led to enormous corruption in law enforcement, provided countless "murders" of innocent people due to improperly served "no-knock warrants", stolen billions of dollars’ worth of property from innocent people through property confiscation WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, gave us ridiculous Supreme Court decision that claim inanimate objects can commit crime, and the list goes on and on without even penetrating the added ramifications of each of these listed offenses.

    Surely with such an obvious failure, it is well past time for a more honest, and in this case more mature, debate to take place. Perhaps we might even learn from our past mistakes instead repeating them over and over while expecting a different outcome.

    Should Mr. Crowder like to sample true reporting on this sensitive subject, he might try reading “Bad Trip: How the War on Drugs is Destroying America”, by Joel Miller that gives an excellent early look into this ongoing debacle. I would urge close attention to the chapter on property confiscation and how local law enforcement, colluding with the FBI and DEA, circumvent state laws. The book includes a troubling account that takes place in New Orleans which will really bring home how out-of-control this mess has become.

    Perhaps Mr. Crowder will make a more proper attempt at reporting and interview honest professionals that delve into many aspects of the debate, such as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) or even be bold enough to interview the experts at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

    Please, forgive me; I don’t have any suggestions for “honest” professionals from the government side of this issue.

  5. Marshall Guarino
    Marshall Guarino December 02, 20:11

    I'm a pretty liberal young dude, and I would consider myself a republican. And i also wholeheartedly believe marijuana should be decriminalized.

  6. Jonathan Steele
    Jonathan Steele December 02, 22:14

    Free all the lost souls in various louisiana prisons because of this harmless plant

  7. Chris White
    Chris White December 21, 05:52

    This whole piece is skewed. There is only two places on earth where marijuana is legal. Everywhere else that allows possession says it decriminalized. Meaning it isn't legal and still have a criminal element to its possession because you can't legally sell it.

  8. Chris White
    Chris White December 28, 05:09

    All counter arguments for this

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