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Now THIS Is A Dunk

Now THIS Is A Dunk
January 11
10:19 2013

Apparently this is from a high school game in Arkansas last week. The kid doing it is 6’3″ and he’s a SOPHOMORE in high school. His name’s Victor Dukes. If you look him up on all those recruiting sites you won’t find him.

He sure does have some ups, tho. Can’t even ‘splain this, other than maybe he’s steppin’ on the kid he mowed over on his way to the goal. His head’s totally above the rim; this doesn’t even look real. Anybody know if this is a hoax?

Just don’t say “Hello!” like on that stupid AT&T commercial with the running back who does a flip on the field.


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  1. Christopher Holton
    Christopher Holton January 11, 16:28

    Doesn't look like a charge to me. The defender was still moving laterally when the guy with the ball was coming down…

  2. Kris Troncoso
    Kris Troncoso January 11, 16:29

    It's legit.

  3. William M Edelmann
    William M Edelmann January 11, 17:18

    Looks like he has a 44" or more vertical – bet he is a Champion high jumper too.

    • Philip Menk
      Philip Menk January 11, 18:25

      It looks like he stepped on the defenders knee or thigh with his right foot to get a second level of lift. Just a guess.

    • William M Edelmann
      William M Edelmann January 11, 18:36

      Possibly, Phil.

      Either that or his foot landed on the opponent's thigh, which on a 6'3" or 6'4" person, that is 36-40" off the floor. I stopped the clip just before contact with the 'blocker' and the driver's right foot is already above the blocker's waist before contact is made and before his peak elevation.

      The tallest person {presumably center} is #3 in black & green and looks to be at least a few inches taller than the blocker. So my eyes tell me that leaper was already some 40" above floor before contact, so the head-above-rim correlation at the peak of his leap seems reasonable. I may be wrong, but I saw college receivers {and great basketball players on their own time} with 42-44" verticals and this looks like one.

  4. Kelly Stevens
    Kelly Stevens January 11, 19:09

    He clearly stepped into the defender's mid section/chest and climbed up another foot or so.

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