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An Image That Says It All…

The federal government is spending $3.6 trillion this year, with about $900 billion of it as deficit spending.

Meanwhile, we’ve got just under 50 million Americans on food stamps. Which isn’t a large enough number. As a result, the federal agency running the food stamp program has put up a web page where folks can download and print out all kinds of sales collaterals to get people to sign up for food stamps.

Here’s one for you…

One old lady with cankles, somebody else in a wheelchair…and the rest of the gang looks pretty damn healthy, right?

Why are these able-bodied folks supposed to be getting food stamps? What does it say about a government which is giving food stamps to a population it represents as 71.4 percent perfectly capable of having a job when it’s running the better part of a trillion-dollar deficit – and is advertising for more people to sign up for free stuff?

Nothing good. Nothing good at all.

We decided to do our own food stamp collateral. You guys are welcome to download it and print it out for circulation if you like…

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  1. Elizabeth Weber Levy says:

    After the Great Society bill passed in the ‘60s, the feds ran ads to recruit food stamp/welfare recipients – no shame in claiming welfare benefits. The ads were run on TV and in all the papers. Cloward and Piven….

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