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Karen Carter Peterson: Everybody Who Dislikes Obamacare Is A Racist

Karen Carter Peterson: Everybody Who Dislikes Obamacare Is A Racist
May 28
22:56 2013

Now we know that the Louisiana Democrat Party has nothing left to offer but vicious, spiteful, ridiculous race-baiting to the people of the state. We know this because the chair of that party, one Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, put this forth on the floor of that legislative body today…

kcp thats racistAccording to Peterson, you’re either for the expansion of Medicaid which would entail having better than half the population of this state receiving health insurance from the government well within the next decade, at the likely cost TO THE STATE of hundreds of millions of dollars even while putting Louisiana more in thrall to the whims of the federal government (when several members of Congress including the chairman of the House Budget Committee have made very clear that federal matching funds for Medicaid cannot and will not continue at their current levels of generosity)…you’re either in favor of that sucker play, or you hate black people.

Because Newt Gingrich once had an idea that was similar in some respects to other parts of Obamacare.

Of course, Gingrich was absolutely never in favor of expanding Medicaid, and for Peterson to suggest as much shows her to be a bald-faced liar. What Gingrich espoused was an individual mandate to buy health insurance, a position which has since been roundly condemned as an infringement on individual rights and is, according to the Supreme Court, not a constitutionally viable action (let’s remember that Obamacare survived its trip to the Supreme Court only as a tax, which Peterson’s allies on the national scene denied it was at the time of its passage).

What Peterson doesn’t have the stones to say is what she wants to say deep in her heart – namely, that if you oppose Medicaid expansion what you’re opposing is government health insurance for as many as a half-million mostly black people, and opposing any government program that has the effect of giving free stuff to black people is racist. She won’t go there, of course, because she knows that if she does that she’s going to finish off the rest of the white Democrats in this state who aren’t in government jobs (and even a good many who are) as members of that party.

Because – again – you’re not allowed to hold the opinion that free government stuff for black people isn’t particularly effective at helping black people rise into the middle class, start businesses, build net worth or establish healthy and prosperous neighborhoods and communities. To hold such an opinion is…racist.

Why? Because Karen Carter Peterson says so, and to question her is…racist.

We’re not allowed to have an honest discussion of issues and policy. Not when she’s around. What we’re allowed to have is a lecture about how you do what she says or she race-baits you.

The question worth asking Peterson, in light of her shameful display on the Senate floor, is this: is she shilling for Obamacare for any reason other than that it’s the singular legislative achievement of a president who happens to share her ethnicity?

Is it all about race for Peterson? Because given that “you’re a racist” is the best argument she can offer in favor of the Medicaid expansion, we’re going to have to be convinced that there is anything in that woman’s head other than identity politics and tribalistic vitriol.

Otherwise known as racism.

Certainly Louisiana – even the Louisiana Democrat Party – can do better than this.

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  1. Z-Tiger Lsu
    Z-Tiger Lsu May 29, 05:27

    She was quite near that podium.

  2. Pearson Cross
    Pearson Cross May 29, 17:36

    According to an analysis by LA Budget group, the racial breakdown in Louisiana would be 48.7% black, 44.1% white, and 7.1 percent other. I don't think that would qualify as "mostly black people," as you suggest. These are working people without access to health insurance or the ability to afford such. We can get them covered and save a lot of uninsured care for 10 cents on the dollar. Seems reasonable to me.

    • Scott McKay
      Scott McKay May 30, 03:21

      Because the Louisiana Budget Project's analysis is bipartisan, objective and factual, right?


    • Jean Mcelroy
      Jean Mcelroy May 31, 02:13

      affordable healthcare act that is the real name for obamacare! the only twist to that is it is not affordible! the feds do not have the funds to reimburse the states
      so this will end up bankrupting most states! it should have not been pushed through without details that make it imposible to work! read it yourself instead of relying on what pundents tell you!

  3. Edward Fremin
    Edward Fremin May 29, 19:34

    She is a racist.

  4. Phyllis Gremillion Welch
    Phyllis Gremillion Welch May 30, 01:47

    That is racist.

  5. Pacer Fontenot
    Pacer Fontenot May 30, 09:10

    My GOD she is full of it. A Racist at heart she is and she tells us it is everybody else.

  6. Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson May 30, 22:01

    FAT, racist Pig-a-tician…

  7. Gary Reaves
    Gary Reaves May 31, 00:07

    Thank God for sickle cell anemia.

  8. Patti Bostick
    Patti Bostick May 31, 01:03

    Just goes to show, racism is color blind.

  9. Brian Sallee
    Brian Sallee May 31, 01:22

    You know, it's comments like this that often go unopposed because if you disagree with her beliefs and comments then you are labeled a Racist. She may truly believe her comments are facts, but what she is stating is that she KNOWS what is in the hearts and minds of others. I can't tell you if she believes this or not. I can't read her mind, but I know she can't read mine either and to insinuate that conservatives do not support ObamaCare simply based on the color of one's skin tone is actually very offensive.

    If a conservative were to make the comment that the only reason that she or other "progressives" support ObamaCare is because of the color of his skin, wouldn't that person be accused of being a racist? Why is the double standard tolerated. She certainly has freedom of speech, but please do not let your freedom of speech be silenced because someone makes a comment as biased or if I may, racist as this.

  10. Jean Mcelroy
    Jean Mcelroy May 31, 02:06

    how come racist blacks can say anything they want and not be taken to task! if any white person said this they would be crucified!

  11. Bill Barton
    Bill Barton May 31, 21:32

    I couldn't care any less what color of skin the president is…I DOn't CARE. What I do care about are his policies that have failed to get the country on track and Obamacare is probably the main reason our economy is STILL limping along after all this time. Please put the race card back in the deck. It is a ridiculous argument.

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