Thanks, Mitch. And YOU Have A Merry Christmas, You Hear?

Mitch McConnell has folded.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader has cut a deal with Harry Reid whereby the Senate will vote on cloture tomorrow and have the final vote on the health care bill at 8 a.m. Thursday. There’s an ice storm coming to Washington, see, and everybody needs to get out and go home or they’ll be stranded.

After all, it’s only the future of the country they’re fighting for. It’s not like it’s anything important.

There was once another prominent American leader who faced a losing battle around Christmastime, amid terrible weather conditions. His enemies were unfriendly to the idea of individual freedom, and some of them were bought-off mercenaries. That leader willed his tattered army through a series of logistical (procedural) nightmares into a desperate fight, surprised the mercenaries on December 26 and won a major victory that turned the tide of history.

That leader ended up having the nation’s capitol named for him.

Mitch McConnell ain’t George Washington. Maybe the Republicans in the Senate need somebody with a little more fight to him as their leader.



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