Dear Senator Landrieu:

America has spoken.  The election of Scott Brown to the Senate from Massachusetts was not simply a statewide election.  It drew national attention, he received national support, and his election is a profound national statement.


The majority of Americans do not want healthcare reforms that will increase our costs while reducing our protection and interfering with our very personal relationship with our physician.  We do not want foreign nationals who attack us here and abroad to be tried in civilian courts.  We do not want a nationalized economy with the federal government running our businesses.  We do not want caps on carbon emissions that are based on as-yet unsettled science.  We do not want you to hold our hand, tuck us into bed, and kiss us good night with the reassurance that you will take care of everything in our behalf.


We don’t want legislation that is negotiated in secret.  We don’t want representatives whose vote can be bought with favoritism.  We don’t want what the Obama administration has been trying to shove down our throats, and we don’t want you participating in that type of governance.


We want an environment in which we can succeed, or at least aspire to.  Increasing taxes to reward our success, and increasing entitlements to reward our mediocrity and lack of initiative, is the opposite of what we want.  We want to go back to work, with the assurance that our efforts will be rewarded rather than taxed away and given to those who will not work.


We want protection from terrorists, not Miranda rights for them.  We want to feel safe within our borders.  We want to be respected as a sovereign nation.


We want to be self sufficient regarding energy.  That requires that we capitalize on natural gas and the technology to recover it, and that we capitalize on oil reserves within our own borders and our waters.  It requires escalating the utilization of nuclear power to produce electricity.  It requires that we adopt rational and responsible policies toward the environment, not ideological policies.  It requires us to acknowledge that wind and solar generators are a great science fair project and not a short term solution to energy independence.


Working toward energy independence will not only protect our sovereignty, it will protect and grow our economy.


We elected you to represent us, Senator.  Can you do that?  If not, Louisiana’s Scott Brown will be indentified before 2014, and you will get to meet him.



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