Time for a New RNC Chair

We have seen, with increasing frequency, posts at this site and elsewhere suggesting that Michael Steele is no longer fit to serve as chair of the Republican National Committee.  He has been promoting himself as a speaker on the lecture circuit, and more recently has been promoting a new book.  While in both arenas he has made appropriate comments about supporting the conservative movement and returning the party to a practiced platform of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom, he has simultaneously funded the campaign of Dede Scozzafava in the New York 23rd and has not aggressively supported the critical race of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.


The lecture circuit and a book deal should be the reward for the job he’s doing, not a concurrent sideline.  With the recent emphasis he’s placed on these activities, one can’t help but wonder if the chairmanship is the sideline job.  In the process of these self-serving activities, he has uttered gaffes that actually undermine his role as chair of the RNC.  His role in that capacity is to build a coalition among the several factions that unfortunately exist in the GOP today, and especially to embrace the conservative members of the party, the “tea party” contingent, before they embark upon a third party effort that will probably be bigger initially than the GOP, but which will ultimately fail and leave the Democrats in control.


One can’t help but wonder where his heart really is, and one can’t help but wonder if he is now or was ever the correct person for the job.


I would like to propose that we eject him from office and replace him with Sarah Palin. 


No one has captured the hearts of the American conservative like Mrs. Palin has, and no one better understands the political essence of the conservative movement than she.  She appeals to that movement and is detested by the Ivy League elitists for the exact same reason – Sarah Palin is the personification of middle America and the conservative movement.


Sarah Palin has learned to communicate with the American masses by bypassing the mainstream media in favor of her very successful Facebook page.  She has won the hearts of true conservative patriots across the country.  She could unite the tea party movement under the umbrella of the GOP and silence the RINO crowd that has diminished, if not destroyed, the credibility of the Party.  Simultaneously, the threat of a third party, of her being a third party candidate, would be quieted.


Many aspire for her to campaign for the Presidency, yet many others fear, and I think rightly so, that her resume, especially as it pertains to foreign policy, remains thin. 


Sarah Palin challenged the status quo Republicans, including Mr. Steele, in the New York 23rd, and successfully demonstrated that she was correct.  As chair of the RNC she would have the dais she needs to truly help shape energy and environmental policy, responsible economic policy, conservative judicial appointments, and the very future of the Party. Let her take over the party machine and lead it to victory in 2010 and 2012.


Sarah Palin is looking for her purpose.  Could this be it?



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