Who Are You Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Lyin’ Eyes?

Three laughable headlines to peruse…

MSNBC: Experts: Despite cold snap, earth still warming. Scientists not connecting recent blast of cold weather to climate change

ABC News: Experts: Cold Snap Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming. Climate experts say the extreme cold around the world doesn’t disprove global warming

The Telegraph: Cold weather ‘doesn’t undermine global warming science’. The current cold weather gripping the UK does not undermine the fact the world is warming, experts said today.

(Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove)

…and an observation. Namely, this: does anybody else notice how absolutely impossible it is to discredit a leftist? Many of the Global Warming advocates were precisely the same people behind the New Ice Age scare in the 1970’s. They were demonstrably, provably wrong then, and the left-wing prescriptions they pushed in an effort to save the Earth from an ice age in the 1970’s were shown to be hideous disasters in terms of policy. And 20-30 years later these same people offer the exact same prescriptions to beat back global warming, which is based on the same junk science they offered in the Age Of Aquarius.

And they get away with it.

Take Al Gore, for example. Al Gore was given credibility as a spokesman for global warming after laughably claiming to have invented the internet and attempting to steal the 2000 presidential election by dispatching armies of lawyers to manufacture votes out of fouled ballots in Florida. Had Gore been anything but an unhinged lefty his name would have been so tarnished by 2002 he wouldn’t have been able to sell Enzyte on late-night TV. Instead, he’s getting an Oscar and a Nobel – for a propaganda film shot through with so many lies the Brits won’t let it be shown to school kids without qualifications.

Or if you don’t like Gore as an example (and how could you not?), take Jimmy Carter. This anti-semitic rube was bestowed a Nobel Peace Prize despite helping through his incompetence to create Afghanistan as a global security threat, create communist dictatorship in Nicaragua, bring Khomeinist Iran to life and father the North Korean nuclear bomb. No American president in the post-World War II era until the current one did more to bring about human suffering and instability – even AFTER leaving office – and Carter is still considered relevant by some.

This phenomenon certainly speaks to the state of the legacy media and its willingness to aid and abet left-wing frauds and dopes, but it’s vexing none the less.



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