Did You, uh, You Know, See the First Lady on, uh, You Know, Huckabee?

I caught Mike Huckabee’s interview with the First Lady this weekend, and found it to be very enlightening.  Huckabee allowed her time to discuss childhood obesity, as it was her premise for being on the show, but then politely turned the conversation to other topics.  I was very impressed with her grace under light artillery fire in what could have been a hostile environment, and especially with the wisdom she exhibited while discussing the challenges of raising young children, and of preserving and strengthening a marriage, under what must be extremely trying circumstances, and I applaud her apparent success thus far in those efforts.

But what I found particularly disconcerting, and moreso distracting, was, you know, the frequency with which she, you know, said “you know.”  You know?  This from a well educated woman who, you know, represents our country and, you know, is trained and, you know, highly experienced in public, you know, speaking.

It’s a habit she needs to be more aware of, and to overcome, because it takes away from her message, and her message on parenting under a magnifying glass bears being heard.



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