Questions For Jim Clyburn…

Can one drink one’s way out of cirrhosis of the liver?

Can one smoke one’s way out of lung cancer?

Can one fornicate one’s way out of venereal disease?

It’s amazing that such a complete economic illiterate as Clyburn, who seems to believe that running a $1.6 trillion deficit AFTER raising taxes to tune of $1 trillion – and the deficit will be larger than $1.6 trillion, by the way, because taxing job-creators at such confiscatory rates will produce a John Galt effect and give Clyburn and his Washington pals a lot less revenue than they expect – constitutes “investment” in the economy, can rise to the position of House Majority Whip. On second thought, if nincompoops like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can rise even higher than Clyburn while being blissfully ignorant of any notion of how the free market (or a controlled market, for that matter) operates perhaps Clyburn’s ascension isn’t so surprising.

But an economy that is clearly being held back by an overweening government engaged in crowding out the private sector as it bails out uneconomic entities and destroys wealth through taxation and funding market losers WILL NOT PROSPER FROM MORE OF THE SAME. Clyburn might be too daffy to understand this, but the American people are not. When the verdict comes on the risible economic policies articulated in the president’s budget and proselytized by the South Carolina Democrat today, there will be no excuses left to make.

UPDATE: If you have some time and are looking for a more detailed accounting of the economics and history behind the refutation of the current proposed policies, we offer Thomas Woods’ speech at the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s Colorado Springs confab last April:



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