Vitter’s Not Crazy About Obamacare 3.0

U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) put out the following release on the Obama administration’s latest formulation of “health care reform”…

“While no one disagrees that our health care system needs improvements, the president’s proposal still falls short and fails to address the real problems of cost, access and quality.  The plan released today is another mega bill that will increase taxes and cut the Medicare programs so important to our seniors.  It does little to actually decrease premiums and will cost American taxpayers nearly $1 trillion.  And without question, this plan grows the role of government in the lives of Americans, moving control of an individual’s health care away from the patient and doctor and into the hands of Washington bureaucrats,” said Vitter. 

“Unfortunately, the president hasn’t been listening to the American people the past year because his latest proposal is nothing more than a blend of the bills passed by the Senate and House last year – policies the American people have overwhelmingly rejected.  We must listen to the American people and start over with smaller, targeted bills that work for real solutions that lower costs, that do not raise taxes and that keep the federal government out of important health care decisions.”



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