Breaking Wind – More “Green Jobs” Lies

We reported last week about Lindsay Graham’s (r-SC) efforts to recast Cap & Trade legislation as a “green jobs” initiative, in conjunction with John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Liebermann (I-CN).  We shared with you then the failure of programs in Spain and Germany that bore a striking resemblance to Graham’s proposals.


Today we learned that there is a similar report out of Denmark regarding their subsidized wind energy initiative.  More importantly, we learned that the White House, through an agency of the Department of Energy headed by former Al Gore CEO Cathy Zoi, actively engaged lobbyists, including Democrat supporter George Soros, in campaigning to undermine those reports.  Furthermore, when their actions came to light, they were denied.


Chris Horner, a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, revealed today at Pajama’s Media that, via the Freedom of Information Act, he had obtained some of the truth, and that additional lawsuits under that act are pending in order to obtain additional documents the White House refused to release.


In Germany, it was the Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaft­sfor­schung report that discredited the success of subsidized “renewable energy” projects to grow the economy, and rather had brought significant harm to it.  In Spain, Madrid’s King Juan Carlos University released similar conclusions, that they had in fact cost Spain numerous jobs.


Shortly thereafter, the “think tank” CEPOS issued a report offering similar conclusions – the Danish wind energy initiative was a failure.


The conclusions of these reports severely undermined numerous statements that the Obama campaign had made, and that campaign had in fact repeatedly identified these three countries as being exemplary of what America needed to be doing.  Ever vigilant and always in campaign mode, the Obama administration, through the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (run by Ms. Zoi, the Assistant Secretary of DOE and head of that office), released a talking points memorandum (five pages long) that she’d had written by two pro-wind activists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, itself an extension of her office.  She also turned to George Soros’ Center for American Progress and other lobby groups to promote the administration’s alternative energy initiatives and to attack the three studies.


Although the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is on record as having said that their analysis was performed at the request of the Department of Energy, the DOE Congressional Affairs Office has said


NREL initiated the report on their own as part of their on-going analytical role to assess emerging issues and monitor external studies and develop internal memos or external documents to address research that is at odds with DOE/EERE scientific understanding.


When James Sensenbrenner, the ranking Republican on the House Select Committee on Global Warming, queried Ms. Zoi regarding who instructed that the NREL paper be produced, her one paragraph response either refused or failed to answer his questions.  Papers subsequently obtained through the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the Department of Energy was gravely concerned about their involvement being revealed. 


It would appear that Ms. Zoi deceived Congressman Sensenbrenner in order to hide the administration’s role in attempting to discredit the reported failures of renewable energy and “green jobs” initiatives in nations that administration had offered as exemplifying its own goals.


It continues to be made abundantly clear that Barry and his administration will stop at nothing, NOTHING, to achieve its goals.  (And forgive my familiarity, but after the Blair House summit, one must assume that we’re all on a first name basis.)  Its healthcare initiatives are not unique, as energy policy is in play as well.


As for Lindsay Graham and his involvement – he simply needs to change his party affiliation.



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