Dorsey Tea Cake Bill Earns BRTP Endorsement

From a release by the Baton Rouge Tea Party, April 1, 2010…

Baton Rouge Tea Party today announced its unequivocal support for SB 250, a bill by Senator Yvonne Dorsey (D-Baton Rouge) to make the tea cake the official cookie of the State of Louisiana.

“We knew there would be some real zingers filed this year”, said BRTP Vice President Clifford Grout, “but this one, well, takes the cake. We couldn’t be happier.”

Jennifer Madsen, President of BRTP, also thought making the tea cake official was an excellent idea, as it celebrates the rise of the Tea Party movement in the last year. Said Madsen, “BRTP would like to thank Senator Dorsey for this bill. What’s a Tea Party without tea cakes?”

Dwight Hudson, BRTP Legislative Director, noted that even in a time of deep budget cuts and new mandates being placed on the State of Louisiana, Senator Dorsey had the time to whip up a bill such as this. “There is nothing more important to have at a time like this than cookies”, said Hudson. “That’s Louisiana vision; that’s Louisiana leadership”. Hudson added that he was surprised the bill contained no minimum requirements for the recipe, and no individual mandate to purchase tea cakes. Hudson said both could be added later by amendment.



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