Fake Fundraising and Fraud

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One of the puzzling things to RNC observers has been the fact that the RNC has been raising good amounts of money, but has burned through it all with almost no cash on hand. Now, we have an answer — fraud.

The Daily Caller continues to aggressively investigate the Steele administration. They have now uncovered evidence that the Michigan GOP illegally laundered over $500,000 in donations through the RNC, which then gave the money right back to the Michigan GOP. Any kind of quid pro quo, which clearly happened here, would violate federal election law.

Of course, there are many cases when campaign finance laws mean that contributions are made to parties and committees with a wink and a nod and a statement about how important a particular campaign is to that individual. If the party or committee wants to stay on good terms with that donor, it will contribute to that campaign and let the donor know that it has done so. What I have just described is legal, but the Michigan effort went beyond that, with a former RNC official saying that a “deal was struck.”

Already, Democrats are calling for a federal investigation, and the FEC will probably do so. This is only going to get worse for the RNC.

UPDATEHotair is 100% wrong when it suggests that no laws were broken.



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