Why Is Hotair Parroting Michael Steele’s Talking Points?

I love Hotair, but Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit really don’t understand the RNC very well at all.  Tonight’s breathless post, Confirmed:  RNC will not remove Steele as chairman is a great example.

The basis for this article is the letter of support Steele’s people have been circulating among RNC members that now has 58 signatures, enough to prevent a 2/3 vote of the RNC to remove Steele as chairman.  That completely misses the point.  Even though, technically, a 2/3 vote would be required to remove Steele, in reality, he cannot practically run the RNC if a majority wants him out.  The fact that his letter has circulated for two days and Steele has only rounded up 58 out of 168 signatures is actually a very ominous sign for him, and those 58 can certainly change their minds.

What do people think is going to happen when RNC fundraising goes off a cliff next month?  The RNC’s cash situation was already bad, and anyone who doesn’t think that the Voyeur scandal is going to have a tremendous impact is incredibly naive.  Major donors were already avoiding the RNC, and that situation will now escalate.  National GOP figures won’t want to appear at RNC events.  Tony Perkins has called on social conservatives to stop giving.  Small donors are sending their forms to Michelle Malkin instead of returning them to the RNC with money in them.

When next month’s fundraising numbers come out, watch for a lot of those RNC members to flip and call on Steele to resign.  He likely won’t have any choice then.



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