Splitting America At Its Seams

America is doomed.

I hate to be so pessimistic, but I truly believe that in just a few decades the United States will be the exact opposite of what its very name suggests. Rather than being united, it will be as divided as the Balkans.

In decades, not centuries, we will split apart like the Soviet Union into a loose confederation of autonomous states. People will refer to us like they do that area of the Balkans now known as The Former Yugoslavia, or similarly to the way Russia and its old republics are now known, as the old Soviet Union

If the goal of this nation is reflected in our motto of E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one; then truly this 200-plus year experiment in representative democracy and melding ethnicities has failed, and failed spectacularly.

We have groups like La Raza Unida, whose members and supporters are calling for a Marxist revolution and refer to the state of California as “stolen, occupied Mexico.”

We have elected officials across the country trying to wage economic warfare against Arizona simply because the duly elected legislators of that state passed a law that those out-of-state officials disagree with.

An American public school teacher in California found a middle school girl’s drawing of an American flag offensive.

A California high school principal sent home four students for wearing T-shirts depicting the American flag on a Mexican “holiday” for fear that it would offend Mexican students who are living in the United States of America. The next day nearly a hundred mostly Mexican students rallied in support of the principal’s decision. During the rally, the students flew the Mexican flag.

Recent immigrants from Islamic countries demand that we Americans modify our customs, traditions, and laws to suit their religious convictions. Instead of assimilating into our culture, they demand, and get, publicly funded foot baths at universities. They demand, and get, special food in prison. They demand, and get, special hours at school gyms.

In our own national government, after decades of laws that make it illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their race or ethnicity, the U.S. Congress divides itself by racial and ethnic lines: The Black Caucus, The Hispanic Caucus, The Asian Pacific American Caucus.

The executive branch has the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Tell me, why is it that 100 years after the last “Indian War” we have American citizens living on taxpayer funded reservations, more than a few of them getting rich off of tax-exempt casinos? At what point do those living on separate lands and living under separate rules have to move in with the rest of us?

Why do members of only some ethnic groups have to pass standardized tests to land government jobs while members of other ethnic groups are not required to pass the same tests?

Why do we have a Black Miss America contest, a United Negro College Fund, Black Entertainment Television? Why do we have hundreds of government, private, and quasi-government associations formed solely to further the interests of certain races or ethnic groups?

Why is the president of the United States allowed to get away with describing his maternal grandmother as “a typical white person“?

These government organizations and manufactured divisions based on race and ethnicity do nothing but prevent assimilation and promote the division of America.

What will the result be? We’re seeing it:

  • Violent demonstrators, mostly Mexicans, demanding that we not enforce our own immigration laws, laws that are not nearly as tough as those of the demonstrators’ home country.
  • Second and third generation Americans who refuse to learn or to speak English.
  • Ever increasing demands for schools to offer classes and governments to offer services in foreign languages.
  • The mocking of our national symbols.

President Obama is not helping bring this nation together. In fact, he seems to be doing everything he can to further divide this country. Every time he speaks, he divides us by race, by class, by occupation, and by income. He constantly refers to people in certain occupations–all private industry occupations–as greedy, corrupt, and un-American. His favorite targets right now are bankers and insurance company executives. But if he hasn’t gotten to your industry yet, he will. Unless you’re a government bureaucrat. The president has never met a bureaucrat he didn’t like.  

Obama and his minions openly mock hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans by calling them names, describing them as racists, bigots, homophobes, extremists, hate-mongers, and teabaggers (the name for a sexual act that Obama himself used to smear Tea Party protestors).

This country will go the way of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union if we don’t kick these divide-and-conquer politicians out of office and shut down militant groups that have openly declared war on the United States.

This is America. We have a unique culture. We share a common language. We have established borders and procedures in place for crossing them. We have every right to demand that those who want to come here demonstrate that they want to join us, not live separately among us.

Plenty of people in other countries may not like that, but you know what? They can stay where they are; and if they are here already and don’t like it, they can go home.

One of the gobbledygook politically-correct PSAs the government spends our money on had it right. Our strength is our diversity. But it’s the diversity we bring to the whole, not the diversity we use to divide ourselves from each other.

Chuck Hustmyre is an author and award-winning journalist. For more information visit www.chuckhustmyre.com.



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