BREAKING: Clausen Resigns As Higher Ed Chief

This just in!

—– Original Message —–
From: Charles Zewe
Subject: Clausen Resigns

Board Members,

Commissioner Clausen this morning sent the note below to members of the Board of Regents.


*Dear Board Members,*

* *

*Please accept this letter of resignation effective July 1. It appears that my presence is a constant distraction to the important work of higher education and to the Board of Regents.*

*There are still many important issues in this session that need attention, not the least of which is final passage of Senator Nevers¹ bill to strengthen Regents, the Grad Act, Performance Based Funding and higher education¹s budget. My hope is that in some small way, this decision will bring a sharper focus to these important issues. *

*Thank you for your very important service to higher education.*


*Sally Clausen*

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