Senate Health & Welfare Committee Passes HB 1474

A small step but a big victory today for Louisiana Grassroots Network and every citizen of Louisiana, Representative Talbot’s HB 1474 narrowly passed out of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee by a vote of 5-4.

HB 1474, if enacted, is an essential tool in securing the rights of patients to make their own health care choices. Additionally, HB 1474 would protect citizens from fine or penalty by the federal government and would bolster a lawsuit by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell against the federal health care mandate.

With this vote, our Constitutional freedoms are one step closer to being protected by the state legislature.

Robin Edwards, Executive Director states, “We had a good showing of support and it will be necessary to continue to have our voices heard throughout this process.”

Voting for: Cheek, Erdey, Heitmeier, Nevers, Mount (chair)

Voting opposed: Dorsey, B. Gautreaux, McPherson, Carter Peterson

Talbot’s bill is the chance for Louisiana citizens to stand up in opposition to ObamaCare and protect the state from the harsh penalties and mandates ObamaCare forces on every citizen. It’s something of a companion to Sen. A.G. Crowe’s SB 26, like Talbot’s bill dubbed the Louisiana Health Care Freedom Act; Crowe’s legislation was bottled up in committee and did not make it to the Senate floor.

The Louisiana House of Representatives has already taken a stand to protect our freedoms and passed HB 1474 with a vote of 60-15. The Senate, which leans further to the left than the House, looks to be a close vote despite strong support from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.



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