Don’t Mess With My Kid!

Our friends at the EPA are spending our tax dollars to promote the erroneous notion of climate change to our children.  They even have a website dedicated to the cause.  Here, kids can play checkers with Ozone the dog and learn all the “facts” they need to know about global warming.



The EPA Climate Change website for kids is filled with heavily challenged claims, presented, of course, as scientific fact, about anthropogenic global warming and its threat to the planet and human kind.  Imagine the impact on an impressionable young child when reading that the earth is heating up.  Young children don’t have the perspective to understand that a 1ºF rise in temperature over a 100 year period isn’t an immediate threat to life as we know it.  They surely aren’t likely to be sufficiently informed to wonder if that’s an ongoing trend, a cycle, or simply an unproven claim.

There are tool kits for teachers to help spread the propaganda.  There are games, links to other useful and related information, and even a calculator to determine how much an individual child, a classroom, or a school can reduce its carbon footprint by converting incandescent lightbulbs to fluorescent. 

The most outrageous aspect of the site is that it presents all this heavily challenged scientific research as fact.  Informed readers know that the claims of global warming supporters are heavily disputed these days.  Alarmists won’t even engage in an honest debate with skeptics.  Yet here they are, at a taxpayer funded government agency website, presenting it to children as fact.

There is an ongoing and healthy debate regarding the teaching of scientific creationism along side the theory of evolution.  That theory meets with less skepticism today than does the validity of global warming science.  Global warming, if taught at all, should be presented to older children as a contentious area of scientific debate, not as proven fact.

And it surely shouldn’t be taught to young children by Ozone the dog!



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