Tea Party Of Louisiana Endorses Landry In 3rd District Race

The Tea Party of Louisiana has now come out in favor of Jeff Landry over Hunt Downer in the Republican runoff for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District. The winner of the Oct. 2 election will take on Democrat Ravi Sangisetty on Nov. 2.

“Jeff has earned our endorsement and support with a real grassroots ‘we the people’ type campaign and his proven record of standing behind conservative principles,” Tea Party of Louisiana spokesman Bob Reid stated.  “We feel that he speaks for us on many issues like fighting to repeal ‘Obamacare’, reducing the size of government, fighting deficits & wasteful spending, ending bailouts & stimulus plans, opposing ‘Cap & Trade’ type legislation & taxes, getting the government off the backs of small business, and out of the lives of everyday citizens,” said Reid,  “and therefore it’s time for us to speak up for him in our joint efforts to help bring about a Government governed by the people instead of this current ruling class government led by the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.”

Reid explained, “the TPoL members agree with countless Americans nationwide that our country is at a very critical time.  Pivotal decisions will be made by the next Congress that may change the course of our nation’s history and this November 2nd General Election may be one of the most important our country has ever held. One vote in Congress could make the critical difference and the Tea Party of Louisiana wants that vote to be in the hands of Jeff Landry for the 3rd Congressional District.”

The Tea Party of Louisiana’s endorsement of Landry comes following yesterday’s announcement by the Downer campaign that he would continue the race. The state GOP is no happier about that decision than the tea party group is, as the Times-Picayune reports…

At the state Republican Party, spokesman Aaron Baer did not take sides, but he made it clear that the GOP power brokers have little interest in extending a bruising primary until four weeks before the general election.

“We’re aware that some have encouraged Mr. Downer to withdraw,” Baer said. “We’re also aware that a majority of the Republican parish committees and many members of the state executive committee endorsed Mr. Landry.

“So ultimately, that decision is up to Mr. Downer,” Baer said. “As with all Republican candidates, we urge Mr. Downer to evaluate what’s best for the party and the conservative voters.”

The Landry campaign, which has been accused of running a dirty race by Downer’s side (and not completely without cause), is sounding a more highbrow note this week – largely in recognition of the high likelihood of victory in the runoff. That isn’t likely to be matched on the other side.

“Our campaign is about jobs; it’s about the economy; it’s about the deficit; it’s about saving our country,” said Landry campaign manager Phillip Joffrion, making scant mention of the second-place finisher. “We need to stop (President Barack) Obama. We need to stop (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Congress. And we need to bring Washington back to the people.”

But Downer’s campaign manager Buddy Boe seemed to suggest the race will continue with a negative tone.

“It’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of energy, a lot of messaging to cut through the noise of Mr. Landry’s misrepresentations.”We’ve got to continue getting out our message that Hunt Downer has a proven record as a fiscal conservative, a social conservative,” Boe said.

To date there has not been a statement from Kristian Magar, whose 14 percent share of Saturday’s primary vote holds the key to victory in the runoff. Several Republican observers note that with the majority of Magar’s support likely to switch to Landry in the runoff, should he have designs on running for another office in the statewide election cycle next year Magar would do well to endorse the frontrunner in an effort to hold that constituency – and perhaps pick up an ally in Congress as a result. But Magar has not yet given an indication that he’ll be making an endorsement.



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