Was Harry Reid’s Political Career Launched By A Pimp?

This one’s sorta interesting. It goes back 40 years, but it’s first-class sleaze and it could well have an effect on the Nevada Senate race between incumbent Democrat Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Namely, that Reid’s run for Lieutenant Governor in 1970 was surreptitiously bankrolled with $10,000 in cash from Joe Conforte, the owner of the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel outside Las Vegas.

YourPoliticsNews.com, a little-known political site which has covered the race between Reid and Angle since the party primaries, claims to have a polygraph test proving the truth of the allegations made by Donald Williams, Reid’s former campaign manager.

It’s explosive stuff, and it will be interesting to see if the Conforte allegations spread into the larger media. Certainly Angle’s campaign will want to seize upon the potentially damaging revelations.

In somewhat related news, Angle is shortly to receive an endorsement from Sarah Palin, according to the Daily Caller. Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher Sherman Fredrick writes that a Palin endorsement would be a significant help to the Angle campaign, which in the latest Rasmussen poll has withstood some $11 million in Reid campaign outlays to emerge in a 47-47 tie today

Will Palin’s active involvement in support of Angle help her?

You bet.

It’s the X-factor that the Reid camp most dreads. Despite spending millions to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Angle thus far, the Reid campaign can’t open any kind of substantial lead. That’s a bad sign for Sen. Reid, who has long maintained a big disconnect with most Nevada voters.

In the political parlor game of who helps who the most, it’s not even close. One Sarah Palin equals three Barack Obamas when it comes to energizing and connecting with the Nevada voters.



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