Black GOP Poised to Score Historic Election Victory

Tim Scott – South Carolina 1st Congressional District

Riding a fierce anti-incumbent wave, Republicans have an opportunity to make history by electing a record number of black conservatives to Congress in November.

Fourteen black Republicans have received the GOP’s nomination in their respective congressional districts. If just three of them win, it would mark the first time since Reconstruction that more than two African-Americans from the Republican Party have served in Congress, according to The Frederick Douglass Foundation.

“We’re pretty confident that at least two of those individuals will make it for sure,” Timothy Johnson, co-founder of The Frederick Douglass Foundation, tells Newsmax. “And I’m looking upwards to as many as five or six. I could be surprised, it could be more.”

Many black Republicans eschew the hyphenated African-American modifier when describing themselves, emphasizing the point that they are Americans first and foremost .

via Black GOP Poised to Score Historic Election Victory.



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