Breitbart Vs. SEIU

Some amazing video from the RightNation 2010 event outside Chicago on Saturday; a mass of demonstrators showed up in school buses holding signs decrying the “hatred” and “cowardice” of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, who spoke at the event, and the “tea baggers.” But when Andrew Breitbart and a camera crew went outside to engage the demonstrators as to why they were there and what the meaning of their signs might be, he found something not-so-surprising. Namely, that the protest had been ginned up by the SEIU and other unions – and the protestors couldn’t answer even simple questions about what their signs meant. In fact, Breitbart and his camera crew dispersed the mob all by themselves.

The one lady who actually could speak to why she was there and didn’t come on a bus…admitted she found out about the protest from Organizing For America.



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