Fayard Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue What Job She’s Running For

The best-funded and highest-polling Democrat running for Louisiana’s open Lieutenant Governor position debuted a new TV spot during the Saints-49ers Monday Night Football game, indicating that Caroline Fayard is a serious threat to make the runoff on Oct. 2.

Unfortunately, the spot also indicates she may not have even read a job description of the post she seeks. Or thinks you haven’t.

The spot talks about how BP should put its corporate headquarters in Louisiana since they’re putting all this oil through the state. Louisiana should be the center for the company’s “knowledge-based economy” jobs, she says.

Which is fine, and it would be great if BP would move its corporate offices from Houston to New Orleans. Or Lafayette. Or Dulac. Or Golden Meadow. Except it’s hardly realistic to expect them to pull up stakes and move here for no good reason other than somebody running for Lieutenant Governor in Louisiana cut a :30 spot trying to shame them into doing it.

Here are a few questions for Fayard:

1. Where in the state law establishing the Lieutenant Governor’s position does the holder of that office get a say in where corporate headquarters are going to be?

2. How does Fayard propose to induce BP to site its headquarters here? Does she tout tax breaks for BP to bring them here? Does she expect to try to force them to move to Louisiana? Or will she attempt to persuade them using good looks, charm and a zydeco band? And if so, why does she need to be Lieutenant Governor to fulfill that mission?

3. If she doesn’t really believe that she has a way to fulfill her verbiage about getting BP to the Bayou State – in other words, if she’s not quite as dumb as her commercials suggest – then what does that say about her opinion of the electorate?

Maybe Fayard isn’t an idiot. Her curriculum vitae indicates she’s quite intelligent. But buying commercials on Monday Night Football to demogogue BP, when it’s patently obvious that issue has nothing to do with what she’s running for, might be an indication she thinks there are enough idiots in the electorate who could put her in the runoff.



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