Stone-Free Obama’s Been Jonesing For A Good Line

Hey, uh, whatever you might think of Captain Kickass, you gotta admit the man is one cool dude.

I mean, he listens to Hendrix. And remembers the words, too. That’s cool.

Not original, mind you. And it’s kinda like when he ripped off Deval Patrick’s “Just Words” business back in the campaign.

But way cool.

This is the one thing he didn’t need a teleprompter for. Popped right into his head. He’s been wantin’ to say it for a long time – he just can’t get in front of an audience full of stoners to have it go over like he wants to. Union goons in Milwaukee will have to do, cuz that line was burnin’ a hole in his mouth.

He’s used to that, by the way…



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