Democrat Pomeroy “Supports George Bush”

What with the vitriolic public sentiment against the Democratic controlled government, Democrats are trying to do everything they can to avoid being linked with their own party.  Including, the bizarre tactic of  incumbent Democrat Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota who in his newest campaign ad shows his support of George W. Bush and Republican legislation in congress.  Here’s the ad:

No, its not a trick.  He’s trying to turn himself into a Republican in every way possible except officially switching parties all together. Here’s a quote from the ad:

When George Bush proposed a Medicare prescription drug plan, Earl Pomeroy voted yes, putting seniors before party.”

Just for the record, he voted for Obamacare.  But of course what he did 3 years ago regarding Healthcare reform is more important, right?  Look, when it was convenient to be a Democrat and rail against George Bush, these people jumped at the chance.  But when its not?  When it’s unpopular to be associated with the party you claim to represent?

Well.. then you just pretend like you’re a Republican.  It’s amazing how this guys thinks he can get away with pretending to stand for Republican standards as a Democrat.  Doesn’t he see that this exact type of wishy washy, flip-flopping politics is the impetus for all the sentimate against the political establishment?

A recent TPM poll average shows Pomery with 45.5% support and his Republican adversary, Rick Berg with 47.1%.  Maybe he thinks he can steal a few percent by disguising himself as a Republican.  That might be a good thought, only the problem is we don’t have a population full of zombies.  People can actually think for themselves, and he doesn’t do a great job of hiding the hypocrisy of his campaign.  Its pretty insulting, quite frankly, and I’m sure the North Dakota voters won’t take kindly to an insult to their intelligence.



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