Liberal Hypocrisy

What has me perplexed is the seemingly asinine endorsement of Jerry Brown’s candidacy for Governor of California by the National Organization for Women (NOW) after it has come to light that Brown was involved in a conversation where his opponent, Meg Whitman, was called a “whore” and where Brown, possibly in passing, affirmed the comparison.  Brown has neither terminated nor censured any member of his team that made the comment, so one has to wonder why an organization with the direct mission of “women’s rights” would endorse the candidacy of such a blatantly anti-female candidate.

Additionally, on a recent interview on “The View”, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg both went absolutely irate when Bill O’Reilly made mention of Muslims involvement in 9/11 and stormed off the stage in typical liberal hen fashion.  The remark made by O’Reilly was taken completely out of context and was later clarified by O’Reilly that he was speaking of radical extremists.  Even Barbara Walters, the prima donna of liberal media personalities, defended the conversation and derided her colleagues for leaving the stage at a point where they disagreed with the guest.  Later that evening, Behar, in her evening “show”, had Jesse Ventura on the program, where he began discussing how he felt that 9/11 was an inside job and was spouting off “truther” statements that we have heard time and again.  However, she did not counter any of his arguments and seemingly sat there in affirmation.

Liberal hypocrisy is what is killing this country.  These two cases are just a small insight into the mind of liberalism.  Liberals feel that you have the right to free speech as long as that speech does not “offend” anyone else.  However, they typically gloss over what most mainstream people in the country feel, calling it such grand names like “hate speech” or “politically incorrectness”.

When the right of speech is impeded, what is next?  It’s time for those of us that feel that our rights are being destroyed bit by bit by leftist agendas to stand up and make a statement.  No greater statement can be made than the one we make on November 2nd, when we tell Obama and his radical cohorts that we HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Christopher J. Gary
Cajun Conservatism



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